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Kiro's Image as a Pennsylvania License Plate Sample

Kiro's Pennsylvania License Plate

'Astrofire', one of my star trail astronomical images from Cherry Springs State Park in Galeton, Pennsylvania was selected to use for a specialty license plate for that state. CSSP was one of the first nationally designated dark sky park sites and has some of the darkest sky conditions in the east. At left is the sample version of the plate. The state mailed me a pair of the blank tags for home and office. I thought this was pretty neat!

One of my Painting Bunting images was selected as the cover shot for the updated Savannah National Wildlife Refuge Bird List. Please check out a scan of the cover at right...

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge 2011 Bird List Cover

Link to Video - Kiro on Bill Green's Maine

Kiro on Bill Green's Maine

I did an interview with Bill Green that aired on his Saturday, May 16th television program, 'Bill Green's Maine' 7:00 PM, WCSH6. Mostly we discussed astrophotography and topics related to the night sky. Bill did view some of my 'daylight' shots as well and several of these were displayed in the segment. Bill has a great interest in the American Civil War I learned and he enjoyed investigating my art work in the office from this period. The interviews took place in my Portland office and some video was taken at Starburst Meadows Observatory while Rob Burgess and I set up the equipment for some viewing and an imaging session. Use this link to view the clip: Kiro on Bill Green's Maine.

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