Photography by Kirk M. Rogers

Bird Photography Special Edition Galleries - Photography by Kirk M. Rogers
I’d created these additional galleries and debated whether or not to post them. In the end result I believe they convey a good idea of sightings on a typical day birding with a lens and a glimpse into some field time with the birds. They include some landscapes and miscellaneous photographs taken from the various days.

Matinicus Island Christmas Bird Count Great Black-backed Gull
Red-bellied Woodpecker Backyard Photographs
2008 Christmas Bird Count American Tree Sparrow
Common Tern Lucky Catch Tern Cruise
2008 Migration Images

In May of ’08 I took several weeks of vacation time to photograph the spring bird migration in my local area. I was out early nearly every day canvassing multiple locations. The galleries below consist of images from my daily routine during his period...

Chestnut-sided Warbler in Flight Northern harrier in Flight Yellow Warbler in Flight

Early May Gallery May 10th Gallery May 12th Gallery
May 13th Gallery May 14th Gallery May 15th Gallery
May 16th Gallery May 18th Gallery May 19th Gallery
May 21st Gallery May 22nd Gallery May 23rd Gallery
May 25th Gallery May 30th Gallery Warbler Shadows
Napping Duck 2007 Christmas Bird Count
Pelagic Birding Herring Gull
Northern Cardinal Cardinal Family

For details and some comments about my imaging system please refer to my article, My Canon Photographic System, found on my Writings & Articles page. I also have various bird & nature related articles posted. If you have an interest in my birding photojournals the direct link can be found at Birding and Bird Photography.

Swallow-tailed Kite Osprey on the Hunt Red-tailed Hawk

A note about the photography...All images are by Kirk M. Rogers. Most images have been printed at an appropriate size and added to my collection of works for exhibit. These are displayed when at shows and events either packaged on foam core, professionally framed or ArtiPlaq™ mounted as a final for purchase. The web versions are excellent representations, but a full resolution print significantly enhances the beauty of these photographs. Please contact me should you have an interest in obtaining any of the images.

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Tree Swallow Tree Swallow Tree Swallow

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