On Wednesday, May 9, 2007 I joined a group of really great folks from Merrymeeting Audubon at Hinckley Park in South Portland to seek out migrating warblers. This walk had been listed in the newspaper and I telephoned to learn if it was okay if I carried my camera gear. I would comment that this is the first time I’d ever joined a group of this nature and it proved to be a terrific experience. Besides really enjoying everyone in the group, perhaps twelve people, the knowledge and enthusiasm displayed was both infectious and a great deal of fun. I viewed first hand what an experienced birder with a familiarity of bird calls, songs and the acquired skill of spotting can do…

Yellow-rumped Warbler Stella, who capably put this event together, indicated she would post a list of the sightings from the walk. In this article, I’m going to post some of the photos I took during our time at the park. Keep in mind as you view these images that they were exposed unlike my usual imaging procedures…. These birds were all fairly distant and generally high up in trees. Most were far enough from my lens to make the center focusing square nearly as big as the subject with many leaves, twigs and branches in the way for a clean image.

Tree Swallow

Blackburnian Warbler

Although I didn't spot this Osprey in the area, this one flew over so we knew they were around.

Osprey in Fight

White-throated Sparrow

Nashville Warbler

Black-crowned Hight-Heron We viewed a pair of Night-Herons around the ponds and I took several images of them.

White-throated Sparrow

Although a common sighting, we thought this was an excellent example of a Downy and fairly close compared to the warblers.

Downy Woodpecker

Brown-headed Cowbird We viewed several cowbirds, all at distance. This bird was photographed at the top of an extremely high pole and I was surprised it came out as well as this exhibits.


Although this photographic tour provides an idea of some of our sightings, it doesn’t come close to the many birds that were viewed or heard on our walk. At times the trail didn’t allow the tripod to be anchored or a shot couldn’t be taken for one reason or another. It was an eventful morning with some great people. Thanks to all!

Stella’s list of sightings for the day can be found at Merrymeeing Audubon Trip Reports. Please take a look if you have an opportunity.

May 2007

A note about the photography...Unless specifically credited otherwise, all images in this account are by the author. Any images viewed that are digitally framed and labeled have been printed and added to my collection of works for sale. The web versions are nice, but a full resolution print significantly enhances the beauty of these images; all are ©2007 Photography by Kirk M. Rogers - any reproduction, publication or transmission of this content without the consent of the author is prohibited. Please contact me should you have an interest in obtaining any of the images.

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