Constellation: Abbreviation: Pronunciation: Meaning:
    Andromeda* And an-DROM-eh-da Andromeda
    Antlia Ant ANT-lee-ah The Airpump
    Apus Aps AY-puss The Bird of Paradise
    Aquarius* Aqr ah-KWARE-ee-us The Water-bearer
    Aquila* Aql uh-KWILL-uh The Eagle
    Ara* Ara AY-rah The Alter
    Aries* Ari Air-ee-ezz The Ram
    Auriga* Aur ah-RYE-gah The Charioteer
    BoŲtes* Boo boh-OH-teez The Herdsman
    Caelum Cae SEE-lum The Graving Tool
    Camelopardalis Cam kah-MEL-oh-PAR-dal-iss The Giraffe
    Cancer* CNc Kan-sir The Crab
    Canes Venatici CVn KAY-neez veh-NAT-ih-sigh The Hunting Dogs
    Canis Major* CMa KAY-niss MAY-jer The Great Dog
    Canis Minor* CMi KAY-niss MY-ner The Little Dog
    Capricornus* Cap KAP-rih-Kor-nus The Sea-Goat
    Carina Car kah-RYE-nah The Keel
    Cassiopeia* Cas KASS-ee-oh-PEE-uh Cassiopeia
    Centaurus* Cen sen-TAUR-us The Centaur
    Cepheus* Cep SEE-fee-us Cepheus
    Cetus* Cet SEE-tes The Whale
    Chamaeleon Cha kah-MEE-lee-un The Chameleon
    Circinus Cir SUR-sih-nuss The Compasses
    Columba Col koh-LUM-bah The Dove
    Coma Berenices Com coh-mah-BARE-ah-NYE-seez Bernice's Hair
    Corona Australis* CrA koh-ROH-nah ass-TRAY-liss The Southern Crown
    Corono Borealis* CrB koh-ROH-nah BOH-ree-AL-liss The Northern Crown
    Corvus* Crv KOR-vuss The Crow
    Crater* Crt KRAY-ter The Cup
    Crux Cru KRUX The Southern Cross
    Cygnus* Cyg SIG-nuss The Swan
    Delphinus* Del del-FIE-nes The Dolphin
    Dorado Dor doh-RAH-doh The Swordfish
    Draco* Dra DRAY-co The Dragon
    Equuleus* Equ eh-KWOO-lee-us The Foal
    Eridanus* Eri ih-RIDín-us The River
    Fornax For FOR-naks The Furnace
    Gemini* Gem Jem'n-eye The Twins
    Grus Gru GRUSS The Crane
    Hercules* Her HUR-kyuh-leez Hercules
    Horologium Hor HOR-uh LOW-jee-em The Clock
    Hydra* Hya HY-drah The Watersnake
    Hydrus Hyi HY-druss The Little Snake
    Indus Ind INN-duss The Indian
    Lacerta Lac lah-SUR-tah The Lizard
    Leo* Leo LEE_oh The Lion
    Leo Minor* Leo LEE_oh My-ner The Little Lion
    Lepus* Lep LEE_puss The Hare
    Libra* Lib LEE_bra The Balance or Scale
    Lupus* Lup LOO-puss The Wolf
    Lynx Lyn LINKS The Lynx
    Lyra* Lyr LIE-rah The Lyre
    Mensa Men MENS-kah The Table
    Microscopium Mic MY-kroh-SKOH-pee-um The Microscope
    Monoceros Mon moh-NOSS-er-us The Unicorn
    Musca Mus MUSS-kah The Southern Fly
    Norma Nor NOR-mah The Rule
    Octans Oct OCK-tanz The Octant
    Ophiuchus* Oph OFF-ee YOO-kuss The Serpent-bearer
    Orion* Ori oh-RYE-un Orion
    Pavo Pav Pay-voh The Peacock
    Pegasus* Peg PEG-ah-suss The Flying Horse
    Perseus* Per PURR-se-us Perseus
    Phoenix Phe FEE-nix The Phoenix
    Pictor Piv PICK-ter The Painter
    Piscis Austrinus* PsA PIE-siss oss-TRI-nuss The Southern Fish
    Pisces* Psc PIE-seez The Fishes
    Puppis Pup PUP-iss The Poop
    Pyxis Pyx PICK-sis The Compass
    Reticulum Ret reh-TICK-yah-lum The Net
    Sagitta* Sge sa-JIT-tah The Arrow
    Sagittarius* Sgr SAJ-eh-TARE-ee-us The Archer
    Scorpius* Sco SKOR-pee-us The Scorpion
    Sculptor Scl SKULP-ter The Sculptor
    Scutum Sct SKOO-yem The Shield
    Serpens* Ser SUR-penz The Serpent
    Sextans Sex SEX-tanz The Sextant
    Taurus* Tau TOR-ess The Bull
    Telescopium Tel TEL-ah SKOH-pee-um The Telescope
    Triangulum* Tri tri-ANG-gyah-lum The Triangle
    Triangulum Australe TrA tri-ANG-gyah-lum OSS-tray-lee The Southern Triangle
    Tucana Tuc too-Kay-nah The Toucan
    Ursa Major* UMa UR-sah-MAY-jer The Great Bear
    Ursa Minor* UMi UR-sah-MY-ner The Little Bear
    Vela vel VEE-lah The Sails
    Virgo* vir VUR-go The Virgin
    Volans vol VOH-lanz The Flying Fish
    Vulpecula vul vul-Peck-you-lah The Fox

    * Denotes one of Ptolemy's original 48 constellations

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